Computer Forensics is the science of examining the activity or content(s) of a computer's storage and memory devices.

What Cyber PI
can do for you


What Cyber PI
can do for you

The computer, the smart phone and the tablet are the new 'windows' to the soul (let's thank Microsoft for the pun). Emails and Instant messages often share details of a persons' intentions. Pictures may offer leads to whom they see or trust most often. Letters or other written documents (for school or work) may indicate an intent to go somewhere or perform specific acts. The list of possibilities is endless.

Sometimes referred to as Digital Forensics, this science is simply the process of analyzing the contents of a computer's memory and storage devices for the presence or 'absence' of information to be used as evidence. The information found, or lack thereof, can also be used to determine the whereabouts, or habits of a person for any given reason. One example might include the whereabouts or intentions of a missing teen. The teens' intentions may have been shared with a friend on social media or their routine is disrupted by picking up tickets to an event or transportation medium.

A special note for Attorneys: In today's information age it isn't difficult to imagine any crimes, or evidence of a person's activities, are on their computer in some way or fashion. The investigators at Cyber PI include former law enforcement investigators trained and experienced in seeking information relevant to criminal and civil proceedings. We are trained and experience in giving courtroom testimony and in evidence collecting, handling and processing. As specialized as the field of Computer Forensics is, it is prudent to ask, 'what is the background of the forensic investigator?' Some come from fields like accounting, computer repair/consulting, law or some with no notable experience in other fields. Cyber PI's background in law enforcement and computer repair makes us the ideal solution for your case.

They are many reasons to need a Data Recovery professional. Data Recovery can range in severity and difficulty. This is not a repetitive pair of adjectives. Severity typically refers to the quantity of data lost and the impact of its loss. For example, a single computer in an organization that loses key files from the operating system may not have a big impact if no other data is lost. The operating system in most cases can be found and restored with minimal time and effort. Difficulty speaks to the effort necessary for the recovery. This depends largely on the cause of the data loss and the amount of damage to the data's host.

Data Recovery is most commonly necessary when files of particular value are stored on a computer or device with no accessible backup(s) 'and' the loss of that data justifies the expense of an attempted recovery procedure. Businesses often value data such as key financial records, accounts or contacts are lost. This loss would/could result in thousands of dollars in lost time, revenue or other significant commodity.

Home Users value data such as Pictures (lost loved ones, children, pets etc); Documents (school or work projects, original writings, personal financial records etc.); Media (personal music or video collections, or special work or school projects, etc.); email, or other specialized software. These potential losses are often priceless.

In these cases, Data Recovery is a necessity. Though it is almost never guaranteed, the attempt can often be as expensive as the recovery. Cyber PI makes every effort to minimize cost for Data Recovery Services and restore lost data. Our background in repairing and restoring operating systems gives Cyber PI an edge in finding lost data.

Did you know many states require licensing to recover lost data on a computer (even if it's a personal home system)? Arizona is one of these states. Your Data Recovery Service provider should be able to answer specific questions about your Data Recovery and the technical and legal aspects of the services they provide. Cyber PI is licensed, knowledgeable and capable of offering its finding in a legal proceeding. Yes, we offer professional witness testifying services.

Let Cyber PI know how we can recover your data, and provide associated services for your data recovery.

Cyber PI provides Technology Audits for your business or your home computer needs.

Do you have the right technology for your Business Mission? We can assess your routine needs and recommend special equipment or periferals (as necessary) to minimize your costs and maximize your productivity. Many wonder when is the right time to upgrade, or can I wait to fix orr replace my current computer. Cyber PI will answer those questions; 'your needs are our interests'.


Apple(s) ??? PC(s) ???
Do We Need To Upgrade?
Can We Wait Til The Next Fiscal Year?


The right computers for the job and the personnel to operate them can make a 5-digit difference in your annual budget. Too often that difference can land you in the red. Our analysts can evaluate your current IT infrastructure (YES, even if it's just Bob's one 8 year old PC) and advise you if changes would benefit you and your company. One of our clients reduced their IT budget by more than $22,000.00 in a single fiscal year. We can help you too.

Often the 'Bread and Butter' of any good Computer Services company, Computer Repair Services are often the most common reason for help. Cyber PI works hard to communicate the cause and cure for your ailing computer. You can discuss issues with your computer often from the comfort of your home or work and watch the tecnician while your computer service is completed.

We believe good repair service can be done quickly, cleanly, and most of all friendly. We have years of experience and coupled with our specialty in Data Recovery, we are a perfect fit for most in home repairs. We clear Malware and Viruses, conduct Performance Audits and Upgrades, Repair/Replace Hardware and Restore/Recover Lost Passwords and Access Processes.

Let Cyber PI fix it for you.

A truly thorough understanding of Computer Operating Systems often comes with some understanding of coding and computer programming. Website design is simply the programming of 'web-scripts and web-applications'. For the most part, application programming and web design are separated by the syntax of the language used. Web design typically requires the extra skill of balancing art/design work with marketing schemes and analytical analysis (measuring the effectiveness of your marketing tool(s) at the consumer level.

Cyber PI has this Knowledge, Experience and Expertise. We design websites in script and using webtools such as WordPress. We use web languages including HTML 5, HTML 4 (and below), CSS, JavaScript, PHP and custom design graphics as well as video media for your site in ALL video formats (to suit your business needs).

We offer marketing advice in the construction of the website to maximize consumer appeal and search engine optimization.

Call Cyber PI to Create or Upgrade your new Online Image.

Surely the fastest way to restore a broken system is to install the image of the system from a perfect backup. This requires you have and maintain a backup solution. Cyber PI offers an efficient, cost effective Backup Solution package designed to avoid time intensive Cloud Downloads or System Images from compressed files.

If your system stopped right now, do you know where your backup is stored or how to install it? Most people don't. In fact, various versions of Microsoft's own 'built-in' Backup software are incompatible with other Microsoft Operating Systems. Why is this important to know?

Scenario: You're using the same Windows XP system since 2003 (Windows XP Home, Service Pack 1). Your system finally and unexpectedly stops; but you've always maintained a regular backup from the 'System Restore' panel on the computer. Ideally, you should have no problem when you are told, your version of Windows is no longer available, right? Surely, Windows 8 can restore your Backup seamlessly? WRONG! In fact, the two Backup systems are incompatible.

A comprehensive backup includes the ability to restore your systems to one that look and responds to the one you originally had. This includes all of your settings, pictures and details of your files. This can be done and for less than you might think. Certainly, it can be done for less than the average Data Recovery procedure and in a fraction of the time (as little as 30 minutes).

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